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The Summit was held from January 19-28, 2021

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How to Stop Procrastinating Strategy Guide

Evolving Compassion in Times of Crisis

Tara Brach
Author, Radical Compassion

Tara Brach looks at how crisis triggers our survival brain, while it also provides an opportunity to evolve our consciousness. She offers RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) as a tool for shifting from react to respond…both in working with ourselves and others

Dropping Your Facade: Showing Up as Your Authentic Self


Ashanti Branch
Founder and Executive Director
Ever Forward Club


Ashanti Branch discusses his impactful work with young boys to reveal and release the masks we all wear. He addresses how to allow ourselves to be truly seen and to learn to access authenticity and happiness.

Begin with Yourself: Why It's So Important that You Practice Self-Compassion


Megan Prager
Compassion Programs Director,
UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness


Megan Prager explores key concepts, research, and practices from the empirically-supported Mindful Self-Compassion program in this experiential workshop. Developed by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer, the program can help enable each of us to respond to our own difficulties with kindness and understanding.

Psychologist and author Dr. Rick Hanson offers insights on how resilience promotes well-being and allows us to thrive even in challenging times. He also explains the three neuroscientific features of a resilient brain.


You’ll also learn:

  • How to turn positive states into lasting traits.
  • The different levels of resilience & how we engage with each of them.
  • Three Tools for These Times…and a Five-Minute Challenge that can change your life

Rhonda Magee, Professor of Law and Mindfulness Teacher, shares how important it is to recognize our shared vulnerability during these times as well as our ongoing challenges around social and racial justice. She believes that more intentionality will lead to new ways of human connection and a more just society.


You’ll also hear her discuss:

  • How we have to be more rigorous in our search for evidence over rhetoric, so we can enhance the way our social and political institutions function
  • How the key to our future is a strong ethical culture that runs beneath our economic and political structures
  • The role mindfulness plays in helping us attend to the suffering more consciously

Melli O’Brien, co-founder of and host of The Mindfulness Summit, shares how, despite the overwhelming challenges inherent in these times, there is potentiality for something new and promising to emerge.  She also talks about the challenges of launching a new business initiative in the midst of immense uncertainty.


Melli also speaks openly about: 

  • What opportunities lie beyond the initial restless discomfort we may feel with the sudden lack of busyness in the world
  • The importance of simple tools - like breathing techniques - that can serve as gifts of empowerment in times of trouble
  • The Self-Compassion Break, a soothing meditation practice that allows us to engage with our best selves when we most need resilience

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